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Clients have reported a variety of benefits while using Pro-R: such as:

Fibromyalgia symptoms greatly minimised.

Sciatica and back pain reduced or gone

Good for fasting or weight loss(no calories).

Constant knee, shoulder and joint pain diminishing, or gone.

Minimise menstrual cycle discomfort.

Chronic, severe cramps reduced then gone.

Greater sense of well being.  

Increased stamina and focus. 

Better sleep.

Less Anxiety and more

Clients agree that 'Pro-R: frequency health tonic has had superior results for them, than taking other high quality supplements.

Pro-R: is a 'health tonic' consisting of 'Positively Divine frequencies' and should be added permanently to ones energy intake.

Yes, Pro-R-Frequency Heath Tonic helps with pain and discomfort. BUT, It's so much more than that. It has divine propensity to bring about 'better health therefore slowing the decline, and to bring happiness, peace and luck.


“If you want to understand the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”  Nikola Tesla

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As an office worker and freelancer, I often have to sit at my desk for up to 12 hours or more a day, which resulted in constant sciatica pain. Even though I do exercise and yoga, which help a little bit, I thought the pain was something I just had to live with until I talked to Garret and he introduced me to Pro-R Frequency Health Tonic. Amazingly, after about 10 days, I didn't feel any pain anymore. What a great relief! The discomfort during my menstruation has also gone away (what a bonus!). Additionally, my meditation and sleep quality has also improved significantly. I also eat less without feeling hungry or low energy. Obviously, the tonic is a source of nourishment yet it has no calories. All contribute to my happier and healthier self. Many thanks, Garret!

The Modern Health Tonic

As a Lay-Monk, having done over nineteen thousand hours of silent devotional prayer(meditation), and twenty two years of using sound/frequency to cleanse and clear my own energy, and using sound/frequency to balance the incoherent energy of others within their biomagnetic field, locally and remotely thus bringing balance: using sound/frequency to relieve pain, help people sleep locally and remotely, and more, by using celestial melodies, the rife machine and other frequency instruments including tuning forks has culminated in the founding of Pro-R frequency Health Tonic.                                                                                 

Pro-R: Frequency health tonic, brings with it, " the very real propensity for better health, happiness and peace." Though Pro-R:health tonic takes around

3 months to fully permeate our body and therefore getting full benefit from then on, some clients feel very positive results within a short time.

 Pro-R: is a 'health tonic' consisting of 'Positively Divine  frequencies' and should be added permanently to ones energy intake.


Pro-R: Frequency health tonic is 100% natural and safe. It is suitable for all ages, and is delivered remotely at a *frequency level, direct to you. It is available for you anywhere in the world.

*Pro-R is delivered to you through the Quantum energy level of existence, where you will be connected to Pro-R Frequency Health Tonic 24/7, so there are no added physical mailing delivery costs.

Pro-R: Frequency Health Tonic

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Pro-R Health Tonic Subsription



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