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How is a Distance Session even possible?

Had we not conducted numerous experiments testing the viable effects of  distance Biofield Tuning sessons with astonishing reports of clients experiencing significant state changes, we would not believe it ourselves.

Experiments showed that the the information present in the electromagnetic field is consistent and predictable regardless of distance. The same pattern of information storage in the biofield anatomy repeats in everyone; the frequency signatures of each emotion, each ailment are the same (at least as far as Eileen McKusick (The founder of this method) has been able to determine so far).


We do the session through the Aether

One of the biggest omissions in our collective cosmology or understanding of the nature of life is "aether". Essentially luminiferous, aether is the ocean of clear light that all of creation arises from. Information travels through this medium much faster than light speed because the information of the entire field is accessible at any point.


While the term "aether" is not in our popular lexicon, the concept of the phenomenon persists, and has been referred to by many other names including "the zero-point field," "the source field," "the torsion field," "the field," "the Akashic field," and even "the Higg’s field," whose definition, “an invisible energy field that exists throughout the universe,” is very similar to the definition of aether. This can potentially explain the mechanics of how distance healing works.


With your intention, transfer your awareness from your left foot and then into your right hand. Notice that there is no sense of that awareness having to travel in a linear way through your body. In this same way, a client can place their intention, their awareness and their consciousness on a treatment table, regardless of where it is in actuality. It is through this same kind of intention that vibrational patterns can be found at a distance with a Biofield Tuning Practitioner’s tuning fork and modulated into a more coherent and harmonic expression.

As the non-local inter-connective medium that unifies us all in real time, aether is the missing link in so-called paranormal phenomena such as remote viewing and distance healing. 

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